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When you purchase a home built by i² Developments Inc., you can buy with confidence, knowing you are protected by Tarion’s Warranty.

Created in 1976, Tarion is a private, non-profit corporation that regulates Ontario’s new home builders, ensuring new homes are built to the Ontario Building Code standards, helping consumers understand their warranty rights, and standing behind the builder’s warranty.

The warranty coverage that Tarion provides includes deposit protection, delayed closing/occupancy protection, unauthorized substitution protection and most importantly warranty protection of 1, 2, and 7 years.

The 1-year warranty protects against all Ontario Building Code violations and defects in workmanship and materials. The 2-year warranty protects against water penetration, your home’s major systems such as heating and plumbing, and Building Code violations that affect health and safety. The 7-year warranty covers most major structural defects. These warranties continue to apply even if the home changes owners.